GoDaddy Issues Warning On Coupon Codes


For those unaware, GoDaddy as a domain registrar periodically involves itself in some rather fishy business. And once again they seem to be in the radar of scam authorities.

Just recently GoDaddy seemed to have splashed a lot on Google Adwords solely with the purpose to promote coupon codes for domain registration. Going back a couple of years, such codes were hard to come by as they had completely stopped giving coupons to get hefty discounts on registrations.

An anonymous source at GoDaddy just posted a warning about a supposed GoDaddy coupon scam and it is believed to be linked with NamePros. According to him, someone on NamePros advertises or posts using their own signature that will register domains at GoDaddy cheap at around #3.99 for a single .com website. At other times they can promise to offer a below normal registration using the Domain Discount Club. Basically they promise cheaper prices only if the buyer transfers the sum to them directly. They even register the domain name and push it onto your actual GoDaddy account. This is all legit and seems right for the first few days until a few days later the GoDaddy fraud department responds to the domain name and says that the name cannot be taken back or the money refunded. And all this is only if the domain name comes to you in the first place because it seems sometimes you don’t actually get the domain name at all.

What GoDaddy proposes is to sign up for its Domain Discount Club, which is the only method to save money with domain registrations. So the next time you come across a GoDaddy coupon code or promise of bigger savings go easy tiger – it may at best be a scam!


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